Do you have a property you would like to sell?
At Acevedo Land Enterprise (ALE) I want to help.
Many people had plans for their property when they initially purchased it but with time and circumstance these plans changed.
Does this sound familiar:
I inherited this land from my Uncle but I have no use for it.
I lost my job and I’m behind on paying taxes.
I wanted to retire on that land but plans changed.
I’m having trouble selling it, I feel trapped!
Are you holding on to the land because you think selling it is a hassle?
Acevedo Land Enterprise (ALE) wants to help you with your problem by buying your unwanted land for cash. ALE will pay all fees and closing costs which will make it a stress-free transaction for you. Just go to the Sell Your Real Estate tab, fill out the form, hit submit, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.