How quickly can you evaluate my property and make me an offer?  If you provided all the information in the questionnaire or on the website, and the property fits our criteria then, The Bottom Line, you will receive a written offer in two weeks.

I submitted my questionnaire a few weeks ago and I haven’t heard from you?  I look into every property that is submitted on the website or from the questionnaire. But sometimes your property doesn’t fit the profile of what I’m looking for or we don’t have the funds available to make you an offer. The Bottom Line, if you haven’t heard from me in two weeks after submitting your information then your property isn’t what I’m able to buy at this time.

Do I have to pay for your services?  The short answer: NO.  The Bottom Line is at Acevedo Land Enterprise (ALE) there are no costs or obligations to you to request an offer for your property.  Just submit the information on the website or answer the questionnaire and mail back to ALE at no cost to you.

What do I get for submitting my property information to Acevedo Land Enterprise (ALE)? In one word, SAVINGS. With ALE there is no cost or obligation to sell. You don’t have to pay for any closing costs or fees, ALE will pay for it. That means you don’t pay: realtor commissions, title work, appraisal fees, property taxes & recording fees. The Bottom Line: ALE will pay for 100% of your closing costs and you will get a fast, trouble-free sale.

So what are you waiting for? Just go to the “Sell Your Real Estate” tab above this website, fill out the form, and hit submit, it’s that easy.

The Bottom Line: Save time and money by selling your property fast with Acevedo Land Enterprise (ALE).